Motion, Design, Interaction & Direction by Kris Cook.

I am based in London, with 8 years experience in Broadcast & Digital Advertising, with brands including Diesel, Beck's, Lurpak, Budweiser & Cravendale.
Please contact me for my Resumè.
Helping Hands
This website is hand-made by yours truly, it features a folder structure CMS, making it terribly easy to update. The folk below had some great input & advice. PHP & jQuery is lovely!

David DeSandro, CSS Pimp. Creator of Isotope, the gallery system I am using. He has given me some support and some great advice.
Jared Woods, Internet whore and general Legend.
Adam Brewer, An Armed Forces trained South African code geek.
Jake Brewer, bru master.
Ronald Trancekop Wolfganf Srnka, Drunk Genius.
Stu Grant, A scottish code & graf shizza.
Bill Hicks & Doug Stanhope, General Emotional Support.
Friends & Enemas
The Funpowder Plot, a 6 person film & debauchery collective, of which I am a member.
Joelle Snaith, Girl Design Ninja
Eaton Crous, DNB chaos maker, mograph pimp, and boyfriend of said ninja.
Ammr Khalifa, director, editor, & Egyptian Playboy. Parth of The Funpowder Plot.
Derek Clark, cynical bastard and all round funny guy. LOVES POST GRAF STREET ART.
Derek Boateng, striker for Ghana.
Ace Rosillo, makes killer risotto.
Drew Brown, stylin gangsta.
Selvin Kuik, code pimp.
David Byrne, drag racer.